TOOHEYS (Lion Nathan)

TOOHEYS (Lion Nathan)

During the Lock down our biggest customer, Tooheys Brewery had make one of the most significant shifts in their operational approach in their history.

The risks associated with having their team effectively sideined due to a close contact or bringing the virus onto the brewery site would have huge remifications for the entire operation.

“MEX meant that we had built in redundency on hand to ensure our production line wasn’t put at risk by COVID-19”

To resolve the issue, Toohey’s moved part of there factory onto a 24/7 roster from a 24/5 thus requiring 1 extra ‘trades’ team in order to have three 3 individual teams always in play.

Our long term involvment with Toohey’s and our extensive brewing/production technology experience meant we were able to cover the extra trade requirements

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