From good to great!

From good to great!

The author Jim Collins has written many books on the subject of “Good To Great” and he uses the analogy that businesses are like an egg, evolving away unnoticed inside the shell until eventually, they break free and to everyone’s amazement a chicken emerges.

We have been writing to you for the last 6 months or so on aspects of our journey. Despite this, many of you were surprised when we emerged as MEX Engineering, which highlights one of our core objectives: to ensure better communication and engagement with our customers.

That said, our rebranding is a very visual representation of our time in the egg, a celebration in a way of the changes that have been happening behind the scenes, because we are so excited about the future of our business and the industry we serve.

During the rebranding process we examined every part of our business and we realised our business is our people. They are the heart of everything we do and they are the front face of our brand, they carry its reputation and its very existence on their shoulders day in and day out.

Our brand is not our logo, or our uniforms, but the lasting memory that our people create by providing our customers first-class service.

So, when we embarked on a journey of taking a good business and making it great, our goal was to ultimately focus on our people and empower them to elevate our brand and our business beyond our competitors, further solidifying our relationship with our loyal customers as part of the process.

But how?

Our journey so far has reflected a desire to recognise the effort of our people in carrying our business forwards, we want to create an environment where personal growth is built into our culture. We are investing heavily in targeted training and upskilling of our team.

We changed our name, to better reflect the business we want to become, a business that is beyond our electrical engineering roots and provides our customers with an end to end experience that creates far greater outcomes at every point of their journey with us from strategy, planning to execution and ongoing maintenance.

We’re building an 'Engaged workforce’ who can take greater guardianship of our brand, by building feedback loops so that they can help steer our course, because we know that engaged employees are more productive than their peers, more likely to work diligently and invest their time in discretionary efforts that improve their skills.

These initiatives are supercharging our productivity and we are already seeing their added contribution to innovation across the business all of which will deliver the best possible results to our customers.

McKinsey recently stated that 1/3 of culture change programs fail, and Forbes suggests that one of the primary reasons, is that leaders lack commitment and treat change as a ‘phase’ that they hope will end.

They also fail to present any measurable goals that allow their vision to be delivered, so today we would like to share with you our goals for the next twelve months, to keep us accountable, but more importantly, we want you to be part of this process and help shape the business we become.

To do that we are asking you for some feedback, below are the goals we have set for ourselves:

Our goals over the next 12 months

  1. Building trusted relationships with our staff , partners and clients.
  2. Broadening our capability BEYOND our traditional electrical offering.
  3. Building the engagement of our staff and customers.

As you can see, they have you the customer in mind. But in order for us to deliver on them, we want gauge your feedback, on how and where we need to improve in order to achieve these goals bases upon your experience with us.

For example, how can we improve our trusted relationship? Or Does broadening our offering have value for you?

These are important questions and we will also be having our business managers reach out for your feedback to help us fulfil our vision, of being the preeminent Engineering firm in Australia.

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